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Update from SCC Cabinet Member for Highways and Community Resilience on local highway issues

Pleased to give an update from Surrey County Councils on local highway issues that have been reported by the Parish Council and Residents:

Ockham Road North

Ockham Road North was closed on Monday to facilitate the repair of potholes and clean-up of the road. This was completed by 4pm. A jetter will be returning later in the month to carry out further work.  There is a ditch along the road that needs work which us under the control of the Ministry for Food and Fisheries.  A letter has been sent to them informing them of the need for work on their ditch.


Highway officers are investigating the issues at Guileshill in order to determine what repairs are needed.

Old Lane

There was significant flooding by the pond which has been investigated and an obstruction in the inlet to the culvert under the road has been cleared.  This is a sunken lane in places and gets significant run off from the fields.  There are also a number of ditches in private ownership that need work.  Letters are being sent to the owners of the ditches informing them of the need for work on their ditches.

Long Reach

Work was carried out yesterday (Tuesday 31st Jan) to remove water on the carriageway to enable us to give measurements to our contractor for repairs that need to be made on the carriageway.  A gully in this area is blocked because it goes into a private ditch which needs work.  A letter has been sent to the landowner informing them of the need for work on their ditch.  The road remains closed for the time being while we get a resource in place to carry out the repairs to the carriageway

Blocked Drain defect or gully at the junction of Ockham Road North and Guileshill Lane near All Saints’ Church Ockham

Huge flood across the entrance to the road that leads up to All Saints’ Ockham Church. This comes after rain and then lingers long after the rain has gone – over several days. The gully is blocked.  Reference number: 2417685 Location: OCKHAM ROAD NORTH, OCKHAM Details: Blocked Drain – Other. SCC plan to clean this gully and other along Ockham road north on the 24 February 2023.